Mexican Navy Hunts Cocaine Carrying Home Made Submarine

by OldSailor on July 19, 2008


arrestsubmarine_1 mexico_navy

Mexican Navy for the first time has intercepted a cocaine carrying home made submarine. The submarine was caught on July 16 about 322 km off the southern state of Oaxaca.

Some of the interesting features of the operation are:

  • First seizure by Mexican Navy with the help of US intelligence.
  • Six tonnes of cocaine was found inside the submarine.
  • 10 metre long submarine is of fibre glass hull and is having a Global Positioning System (GPS), a compass.
  • As free board for the submarine is less, it is difficult for detection by ships Radar.
  • The submarine was detected by a helicopter.
  • Mexican Navy took two days to tow the submarine to Port of Salina Cruz.

Here is a video clip of the submarine seized by Mexican Navy.

Read more from BBC News and New Zealand Herald.

Bravo Zulu to Mexican Navy.

Update: July 20

Some more information about the home made submarines for cocaine smuggling:

  • costs about $1 million (¬£500,000)
  • submarines are usually painted to blend in with the colour of the sea water to avoid visual detection
  • capable of carrying more than 10 tons of cocaine
  • can be operated by remote control from hundreds of miles away.

For more information and photographs read  Telegraph.

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