Barge Collision: 400 Tonnes of Diesel Spilled in Elbe River Germany

by OldSailor on July 17, 2008



Here is a disturbing news report from ‘The Local’ dated July 16, 12:31 CET which says

  • two barges collided in the Elbe River near Altengamme and 400 tonnes of diesel fuel oil spilled into the river
  • four of eight fuel tanks of 82 metre barge Undine are severely damaged
  • floating oil barriers are laid to contain the 10 km long oil slick
  • investigations are going on with both the captains
  • environmental damages are to be assessed

Read more from The Local.

Update: July 19

Here is the reason for the spill – The anchor of the 95-metre river freighter, the Aldebaran, ripped open four fuel tanks of the barge Undine when the vessels tried to pass on the busy waterway. Read more from Sustainable Shipping.

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