Brest 2008: International Maritime Festival A Global Attraction

by OldSailor on July 16, 2008



Brest 2008, fifth edition of International Maritime Festival is presently going on at Port of Brest. Brest 2008 has attracted the attention of the whole world. The Brest 2008 site will be open to all, free of charge, on July 17.

Some of the interesting features of Brest International Maritime Festival are:

  • being conducted once in four years since 1992.
  • is a weeklong maritime meeting place for boats and crews.
  • is going on from July 11 and is to conclude on July 17.
    • July 11: guest of honour – Vietnam
    • July 12: guest of honour – Madagascar
    • July 13: guest of honour – Norway
    • July 14: Bastille Day and also French Navy Day
    • July 15: guest of honour – Croatia and also Children’s day
    • July 16: guest of honour – Galicia
  • 73 percent of the fleet is French and the remaining boats are from Spain, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Vietnam, Switzerland, Croatia, USA, Madagascar and Russia.
  • represented by 28 countries including Australia, Brazil, Japan, Madagascar, USA and New Zealand.
  • participation by 2010 boats of size 5 metres onwards.
  • 56 boats are 100 years old or more and a total of 1012 are prior to 1970.

Here are the details of The Fleet in Brest 2008.

Here are the details of guest countries.

Some interesting video clips of Brest 2008 are here , here , here and here.

Update: July 18

Brest 2008 has proved to be a great success with 500,000 visitors to the site over the past six days. Read more from BYM Marine & Maritime News.

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