Greek Ship Argo Again on Golden Fleece

by OldSailor on July 15, 2008



Now Greek Ship ‘Argo’ is again on Golden Fleece with a minor change in voyage plan as Turkey refused to guarantee safe passage for the vessel through the Bosporus Strait in Black Sea region.

Here are some interesting features of present day Argo:

  • is a 28 metre wooden vessel, reconstructed from an ancient Greek warship ‘ Penteconter ‘
  • is a replica of a 14th century BC Greek warship ‘ Argo ‘, constructed by using wood, rope and glue with ancient Greek hand tools.
  • has 50 crew on the oars and 22 on standby.
  • crew from all 27 European Union member countries.
  • to row for 10 to 15 long hours during the day and to take rest at night.
  • commenced her voyage from Jason’s hometown of Volos in central Greece on June 14.
  • to travel 10 and 15 nautical miles a day and to cover a total distance of 2,000 nautical miles.
  • to anchor at 23 cities in Albania, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.
  • to finish her voyage at the Italian port of Venice on August 11.
  • the ‘Argo’ will be kept in a museum on completion of voyage.

Here is video clip of news coverage on present day Argo from NTDTV.

Here is an interesting animated video clip of ancient Argo.

Read more from The Sydney Morning Herald , Greek News Online , Monsters and Critics .

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