Ship Borne Test Flights of Russian UAVs in Arctic Conducted

by OldSailor on July 14, 2008


In the first week of this month, test flights of Russian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) were conducted from a ship in Arctic.

Here are some interesting features:

  • the UAVs are from A-Level Aerosystems of Russia, leading developers and manufacturers of UAVs and integrated navigation systems.
  • UAVs tested
    • ZALA 421-06 unmanned helicopter, powered by internal combustion engine
    • ZALA 421-08 unmanned aircraft, electrically operated, weighs 1.7 kg, hand launched
  • tests were conducted from July 01 and July 08 from a ship in the Russian Arctic.
  • ten test flights were conducted in strong winds of up to 43 knots.

Here are some photographs from A-Level Aerosystems.

ZALA 421-06 unmanned helicopter

ZALA 421-08 unmanned aircraft


Technical specifications of ZALA 421-06 unmanned helicopter are here.

Technical specifications of ZALA 421-08 unmanned helicopter and take off/landing videos are here.

More video clips of UAVs from A-Level Aerosystems are here.

News source: Russia Today.

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