High Time for Philippine Coast Guard to Take Corrective Actions

by OldSailor on July 11, 2008



Philippines has coast line of 36,289 km. Their coast line is more than that of USA (19,924 km), UK (12,429 km), China (14,500 km), France (4,668 km) except Russia (37,653 km) which is almost equal. Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has 59 vessels and 5 aircrafts. But the force level of Philippine Coast Guard is no where comparable to these countries.

Philippine Coast Guard says they are responsible for

  • Maritime Search and Rescue (MARSAR)
  • Marine Environmental Protection (MAREP)
  • Maritime Safety Administration (MARSAF)
  • Maritime Operations (MARSEC)
  • Maritime Law Enforcement (MARLEN)

A news report from GMA News TV says that PCG’s

  • 40 percent of vessels and aircrafts are not operational
  • Communication within Coast Guard units is mainly done through cellular phones
  • In many occasions, messages are sent through text messaging through cellular phones
  • Don’t have an all-weather vessel, where an average of 19 tropical cyclones pass the Philippine area of responsibility every year
  • All remotely located detachments are not provided with radio communication equipments
  • Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) is not operational
  • Budget for 2007: 72 percent was spent on salaries and wages of its 4,000 personnel and 28 percent was spent on maintenance and other operating expenses.

Definitely Philippine Coast Guard needs to take corrective actions to meet their goal.

For more information read GMA News TV.

Update: August 01

Financially drained by search operations in the MV Princess of the Stars tragedy, the Philippine Coast Guard is considering asking Malacañang for a supplemental budget of at least P25 million. Read more from GMA News TV.

Update: October 13

Philippine Coast Guard celebrated 107th birthday on October 10. Read more from CG Blog.

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