Coda Echoscope Sonar for 3D Underwater Vision

by OldSailor on July 9, 2008



Ships at sea have to look for objects around the ship, both in surface and underwater for safe navigation. Electro Magnetic waves are used in Radars for surface and air applications to identify the range, bearing and elevation of the objects around the ship. Similarly Sound waves are used in Sonars for underwater applications.

The different stages of development of Sonar are:

  • Initially, Echo Sounder or Depth Sounder (1D) was developed to measure only the depth (range) of water below the ship.
  • With further development in electronics, Forward-Looking Sonar (FLS) was developed to measure range and bearing (2D) of an underwater object. Depth of the object can not be measured with this.
  • Now with development in signal processing, 3D Sonar is available to measure all the three parameters – range, bearing and depth of the object.

Coda Echoscope is a 3D Sonar which

  • can give high resolution 3D images underwater in real time
  • employs highly innovative multi-element transducer design
  • uses high speed digital signal processing
  • has advanced sonar beam forming techniques
  • uses intuitive image display software
  • is suitable for hull mount, over-the-side mount or ROV installation
  • has range up to 250 metres with range resolution of even 1cm
  • has depth rating of 600 metres
  • has angular coverage of 50° x 50°
  • has dry weight of 22 kg

Coda Echoscope 3D Sonar is available in Echoscope HI, SD and FL versions and is useful for applications like

  • safe navigation
  • underwater survey of pipelines, cables
  • underwater hull inspection
  • harbour underwater surveillance
  • intruder detection

Here is a video clip of Coda Echoscope.

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