Kenichi Horie and Wave Powered Suntory Mermaid II Set Record in Pacific Ocean

by OldSailor on July 7, 2008


Kenichi_ Horie_2kenichi_horie_1

Kenichi Horie, 69 year old marine adventurer has set a record to cruise in the Pacific ocean in a wave powered boat.

  • he commenced his voyage on March 16 from Honolulu, Hawaii
  • he started his voyage in wave powered boat Suntory Mermaid II made out of recycled aluminium from beer cans
  • he reached his finishing line Kii Channel on his 110th day of voyage, between the capes of Hinomisaki, Wakayama Prefecture and Kamodamisaki, Tokushima Prefecture in Japan on July 04
  • he has covered a distance of 7000 km
  • his scheduled completion of voyage in end May got delayed due to weak waves and strong ocean currents

Read more from The Japan Times and Mainichi Daily News.

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