Weekend Fact: Wine goes Green and Cheap

by OldSailor on July 5, 2008



With oil prices shooting up, Compagnie de Transport Maritime à la Voile (CTMV) with their fleet of sail powered ships, transports wine in traditional and environmentally friendly way to supply green and cheap wine.

CTMV combines tradition with quality products and lifestyle with respect for the environment. Some of the interesting features of CTMV transportation are:

  • ensures that their fleet runs on sail power for at least 75 percent of the voyage time, whilst observing international safety rules.
  • for all manoeuvres that cannot be carried out under sail power, CTMV uses biofuel, such as rapeseed oil, which releases no CO² into the atmosphere.
  • the first sea route from Bordeaux to Dublin, has already been opened to cater the lucrative markets in Europe – Ireland.
  • first “green” shipment of exclusive french wines from Fair Wind Wine is expected to arrive through traditional wine routes from Languedoc to Dublin, Ireland on July 22.
  • the green wine is coming in108 year old sail ship Kathleen & May.

Here is an interesting video clip of topsail schooner Kathleen & May. Also here is a video clip on CTMV.

Read more from Independent.

Update: July 25

Some 30,000 bottles of “green energy” wine, safely reached Dublin aboard the 108-year old Kathleen & May – the last wooden hull three-masted topsail schooner in existence – after leaving Brest a week ago. Also another ship will take 60,000 bottles of wine to Quebec in September on a trip taking 30 days. Read more from Telegraph.

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