SOS: Morse Code Maritime Distress Call is Century Old

by OldSailor on July 1, 2008



We are all very familiar with distress call “SOS”. This is in use from July 01,1908.

Is “SOS” stands for

  • Save Our Ship
  • Save Our Souls
  • Save Our Skins
  • Save Our Stuff
  • Sinking Our Ship
  • Survivors On Shore
  • Signal On Sand

Not at all. It is an easy to use morse code. During the Second Berlin Radio telegraphic Conference in 1906, it was decided to adopt a universal danger signal for communication that can be easy to operate and can not be misinterpreted. The suitable code to transmit was found out as three dots, three dashes and three dots of Morse code. That stands for three alphabets S O S. Usage of distress call SOS became effective from July 01, 1908.

sosgraphic.gif (488 bytes)

It is easy to memorize Morse code. Pinoy Maritime Blog tells us How to memorize your Morse code ?

Read more from Times Online.

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