Movie Dasavathaaram gives Reason for Asian Tsunami 2004

by OldSailor on June 29, 2008



What was the reason for Asian Tsunami 2004 ?

With lot of imagination, Tamil movie actor Kamal Haasan explains the reason for Asian Tsunami 2004 in his movie Dasavathaaram.

Here are some interesting features of Kamal Haasan in Dasavathaaram:

  • comes out in ten different roles including the role of US President George W. Bush
  • covers a story from 12th Century to 21st Century
  • comes as a Scientist in a US laboratory that develops deadly biological weapon
  • tries his best to chase and seize the biological weapon
  • chasing starts from US to Tamil Nadu coast in India
  • finally when the biological weapon comes in the wrong hands in a beach, Tsunami strikes in a massive way and the sea swallows the deadly weapon with it, to save the whole world

Here are some stills of Kamal Haasan from Dasavathaaram



The movie is already released worldwide and here is the trailer of Dasavathaaram. Here is the Tsunami graphics in the movie.

More information of Dasavathaaram is available here.

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