Weekend Tips: How to Convert a Ship Photograph into a Sketch

by OldSailor on June 28, 2008



You see above a photograph of a ship and a sketch of the ship. How to take out a sketch from the photo ? This weekend if you have some time, you may try out this.

Here is an easy to use free online tool available, to convert a photograph into a sketch.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1

Here is a sample photograph to be converted into a sketch. Keep your photograph to be converted on your desk top.


Step 2

Now log on to Dumpr. From the options on the screen, I select ‘Photo to Sketch’. You may select any other option also.


Step 3

Through the ‘Browse’, now select your photograph on desk top for sketching.Then click ‘continue’.


Step 4

Now your photograph will be uploaded and processed. A screen will appear like this. Wait for few seconds for the processing to be over.


Step 5

Now the sketch of the photograph is available to send as ‘e-mail,upload to Flickr, save’. You may select your option.


You may try out any other photograph with other options also.

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