Jason-2 Satellite of OSTM to Monitor Rising Sea Levels

by OldSailor on June 24, 2008



Rising sea levels due to global warming needs continuous monitoring as oceans occupy more than 70 percent earth surface. This monitoring is done by Ocean Surface Topography Mission (OSTM).

Some of the interesting features of OSTM are:

Here is the fact sheet of OSTM/Jason-2.

Here is Jason-2 launch description.

Here is the launch video of Jason-2.

More information is available at BBC News.

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Update: June 28

Here is an interesting video clip on OSTM from JPL-NASA.

Update: July 31

Within a month of launching, OSTM /Jason 2 oceanography satellite has produced its first complete maps of global ocean surface topography, surface wave height and wind speed. Read more from NASA – OSTM/Jason-2.

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