Weekend Tips: Use Rescue Line Launcher to Save Life from Drowning

by OldSailor on June 21, 2008



News reports of flooding are coming from different parts like Mississippi, China, Assam. Here is a tip for this weekend to save lives from drowning. ‘Rescue Line Launcher’ is an easy to use gadget to save people from drowning in lakes,rivers,floods etc., Some of the interesting features of Rescue Line Launcher are:

  • uses compressed gas (CO2) to launch a rope (1/4″) with a floating projectile attached to the end
  • the floating projectile is a soft molded urethane body with a foam core
  • projectile can be modified to deploy a floatation device that inflates on impact
  • designed for safe operation with high safety factors
  • weight of the launcher: 23 lbs
  • size of the launcher L x W x H: 28″x12″x6″
  • time to reload launcher, fill and fire: 40 seconds
  • number of shots per CO2 cylinder: 3-5
  • max projectile distance: approximately 750 feet

Here are the photos and video clips of the Rescue Line Launcher.

View here a video clip on line throwing drill in a ship.

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