Weekend Snorkeling: Use Hands Free Digital Camera Swim Mask from Liquid Image

by OldSailor on June 14, 2008


liquid_image_3 liquid_image_1

This weekend while snorkeling you can try out some thing different to photograph. Here is Digital Camera Swim Mask from Liquid Image. The interesting features are:

  • you can shoot photographs or take a video while snorkeling or in swimming pools
  • has an integrated waterproof digital camera in a swim mask
  • available in 3.1 or 5 Mega Pixel
  • has LCD status display
  • can operate up to a depth of 15 feet
  • photographic distance 5 feet
  • has built-in 16 MB memory
  • a microSD card slot provided
  • works on two AAA batteries
  • USB port available for PC interface, separate software is not required to download images

Here is a detailed sketch of the camera mask and a sample image taken from this camera.


Here is the video clip of Digital Camera Swim Mask.

More details of the camera swim mask are available here.

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