Greek Ship Syros Collides with Malta Ship Sea Bird and Spills Oil Off Uruguay Coast

by OldSailor on June 6, 2008


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On the night of June 03rd, two ships collided about 12 miles (20 km) from the port of Montevideo that caused an oil spill. Some of the disturbing features of the oil spill incident are:

  • The Maltese-registered tanker Sea Bird was anchored on the La Plata River about 20 kilometres off the port Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital.
  • Greek oil tanker Syros, collided with Sea Bird while trying to avoid a collision with a third vessel.
  • At the time of collision Greek ship Syros was in ballast with no cargo on board and a bunker tank on the double bottom port side of the vessel was ripped open.
  • About 14,000 cubic meters of fuel oil was spilled and further leakage has been stopped.
  • Due to winds approximately 40 kilometer long oil spill is spreading towards Buenos Aires in Argentina.
  • No one is injured in the collision.
  • Argentina and Uruguay are monitoring the oil spill and are working to dissolve the fuel oil into the water.

Here is a photograph:


Photo: times of malta

More photographs are here at montevideo and a video clip is here at bbc.

Source: times of malta here and here

Update: June 09

The oil spill has killed at least 60 penguins and many more are covered in oil off Uruguay coast. Read more from nzherald.

Update: June 15

Here is a video clip showing damage to marine life from national geographic.

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