Prince William is Now Sub Lieutenant Wales of Royal Navy

by OldSailor on June 2, 2008



Prince William born on June 21,1982 is second in line to the British Throne and is the elder son of The Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales. Prince William was commissioned as an army officer in December 2006 and joined the Household Cavalry (Blues and Royals) as a Second Lieutenant. In December 2007, Prince William was promoted to Lieutenant. Further, Prince William had four months attachment with the RAF as Flying Officer William Wales in January 2008. On April 11, 2008 Prince William received his RAF wings after completing an intensive 12 week flying course.

Prince William is now on two months attachment with the Royal Navy as Sub Lieutenant Wales from June 02. Prince William would also celebrate his birth day this month in Naval uniform.

Here are some highlights of what Prince William is going to experience in the Royal Navy:

  • two months attachment includes five weeks onboard HMS Iron Duke in West Indies and some time with the Royal Marines and Fleet Air Arm.
  • the Prince would be given a short course of the normal two year training most young officers receive.
  • Shore based training
    • prior to joining the ship, the Prince would undergo a standard sea safety course to learn about basics of sea survival, fire fighting, ship damage control and repair.
    • he would also be taught navigation and boat handling.
    • have a chance to pilot a number of different helicopters while based in Portsmouth.
  • Ship based training
    • there will be no special accommodation, special security for Prince William and would be treated as any other junior officer while at sea.
    • the Prince would familiarize with all departments in the ship namely weapons engineering, logistics, operations, ship’s helicopter flights.
    • the Prince may not take part in boarding operations if it is a risk to his life while attempting to intercept drug shipments.
    • Prince William would also get firsthand experience on a mine hunter and also would be submerged in a nuclear attack submarine.
    • Prince William is expected to cope with the confined spaces in the ship and will not be exempted from 24 hour watches required at sea.
  • regarding seasickness: of course, the sea will treat him as any other sailor

Here is an interesting video news clip of Prince William’s attachment with the Royal Navy. For more details read royalnavy.

Update: June 04

Having failed to drop anchor in first attempt, Sub Lieutenant Williams owes beer to his shipmates. Read more from people. Also view an interesting video clip on this from youtube.

Update: June 05

Now on passage south from the UK, HMS Iron Duke will soon be arriving in the Caribbean theatre of operations. Sub Lieutenant Williams will be joining the ship for 5 weeks. Read more from royal-navy.

Update: June 10

Prince William, Commodore in Chief of Submarines is to become the patron of an appeal to save HMS Alliance, Britain’s last World War II submarine. Read more from newsbbc.

Update: June 16

MI6 has found out that al-Qaeda has planned an attack on a huge holiday liner in the Caribbean. It seems Prince William is going to have busy patrolling in Caribbean. Thanks to EagleSpeak.

Update: June 21

Prince William took part in a clandestine Royal Navy exercise involving HMS Talent, a T-Class hunter-killer submarine off the coast near Plymouth. He spent a night in the submarine earlier this week. Read more from Telegraph.

Update: July 03

Prince William onboard HMS Iron Duke has participated to intercept a consignment of illegal cocaine worth at least £40 million in north Atlantic. Read more from Times Online and Royal Navy.

Update: July 08

Sub-Lieutenant Wales to get Joint Services Achievement Medal from the US Coast Guard in recognition of his part in the cocaine seizure. Read more from Monsters and Critics.

Update: July 11

At Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC), Dartmouth, UK, Sub Lieutenant William Wales was trained in navigation, ship-handling and other core navy skills in the NTPro 4000 Bridge Simulator supplied by Transas Marine. The Bridge Simulator (known as “HMS Daring”) forms the backbone of core navigation and watchkeeping training for all Young Officers (YO’s) at BRNC. Read more from Transas.

Also Sub Lieutenant William Wales has joined a Royal Navy rescue team on a hurricane disaster exercise in the Caribbean. Read more and view a video clip from BBC News.

Update: July 28

Prince William from a Lynx helicopter of HMS Iron Duke, chased a speedboat suspected of shipping cocaine from South America. When the boat tried to flee, Royal Marines on the helicopter shot at it, forcing the crew of three to jump into the sea. Read more from Mail Online.

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