Transatlantic Tunnel Telectroscope Links London and New York

by OldSailor on May 23, 2008



Here is an amazing transatlantic tunnel telectroscope that links London and New York. The project is nearing completion by artist and inventor Paul St George which was visualized more than a century ago by his great grandfather Alexander Stanhope St George.

The interesting features of telectroscope are:

  • telectroscope is actually the product of two high definition cameras connected through a fiberoptic link
  • covers a distance of 3,471 miles (5,585 km), through a transatlantic tunnel
  • one end of the tunnel emerges next to Tower Bridge on the banks of the Thames in London
  • the other end is next to Brooklyn Bridge on the banks of New York’s East River
  • provides visual communication of people on both ends in real time, of course no audio. You may have to use your mobile phone for that.

Here is the google map showing the tunnel path


Here are some photographs of telectroscope


Photos by Matthew Andrews.

More photographs of telectroscope are available here. More details are here at telectroscope and tiscali.

Here is an interesting video clip of the London end of Telectroscope. The video clip of New York end is here.

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