Programmable Smart Switches and Smart Displays for Marine Applications

by OldSailor on May 23, 2008



What you see above are programmable smart switch and smart display from NKK Switches.

These gadgets are:

  • high resolution programmable modules
  • can display graphics for alphanumeric characters, animated sequences
  • can display as many as four lines of text with ten characters
  • incorporates bitmap display function
  • has 64 color capability arrangement
  • general brightness of back light is variable in eight steps from dark to bright
  • provides wide viewing angle with high contrast and clarity
  • epoxy sealed
  • has a life of 1,000,000 actuations

These smart switches and smart displays are user friendly and their marine applications are in ships equipment like

  • engine controls
  • navigational equipment
  • communication equipment
  • fire alarms

Here are some graphic displays


More details are here at nkksmartswitch.

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