MV Victoria: Not Always Lucky to Escape Somalia Piracy Attack

by OldSailor on May 20, 2008



The Director General Shipping of India has stated that at least ten Indian crew are in the hijacked vessel MV Victoria. The Jordanian-flagged vessel was hijacked by pirates of Somalia on May 17 about 35 nautical miles off Somalia coast. The vessel with a crew of 21 was carrying 4200 tonnes of sugar from Mumbai to Mogadishu. This is another blow to the Indian seafarers, after MV Rezzak was lost with 25 Indian crew in February this year. The whereabouts of the crew of MV Rezzak is still not known.

What is shocking is the same vessel on United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) was attacked by pirates in Somalia waters last year in May 2007 and the attack was foiled successfully. Piracy in Somalia waters is not coming down in spite of global attention. Only France has demonstrated last month how to deal with Somali pirates.

More information regarding the hijack is available at EagleSpeak, maritimecalamities.

Here is a video clip which shows Somali pirates with modern weapons.

Update: PM May 20

MV Victoria is located near Garacad, north of Moghadishu and INS Delhi, destroyer is on standby to sail out to meet any emergency. Read more from expressindia.

Update: May 21

Here are the 9 names of Indian seafarers: Uttam Bhattacharjee, Sombir Kumar, Jayeshkumar Tandela, Naresh Tandel, Akhilesh Singh, Sadshiv Yadav, Chandrakant Tandel, Iman Ghosh and Jaivindh Jose. But no significant development on releasing the ship from pirates. More details are here at hindustantimes.

Update: May 23

The name of 10th Indian seafarer is Leslye Anselmo Gomes. Meanwhile India has approached the Jordan government to provide insurance details of the ship. Read more from webindia123.

Meanwhile allafrica reports that somali pirates are claiming the vessel is carrying arms to Somalia. This may further delay the release of ships crew.

Late evening report: Somali pirates have released the ship and all her crew. Read more from thaindian.

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