Singapore Prepares for the Largest Maritime Exercise Northstar VI

by OldSailor on May 16, 2008



The largest maritime exercise Northstar VI is ready to commence at Singapore on May 23. The aim of Northstar VI is to evaluate the operational readiness to carry out mass evacuations at sea in case of fire in ships. The interesting features of the exercise are:

  • 13 agencies from public and private sector are going to participate.
  • simulated fire exercise is planned to be conducted on board the luxury cruise liner SuperStar Aquarius of Star Cruises.
  • to be conducted three kilo metres offshore.
  • about 1,000 passengers will be evacuated on 40 vessels of the Navy and Coast Guard.
  • Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and Marina South Pier will be used to land survivors and casualties.
  • Changi General Hospital will be used to meet medical emergencies.
  • air lifting of severely injured passengers will be done by Super Puma helicopter.

Here is the map showing the locations.


More details are here at channelnewsasia, yahoo.

Update: May 23

Northstar VI was successfully completed today. Read more from channelnewsasia and yahoo.

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