Marine Applications of Thermal Imaging System

by OldSailor on May 13, 2008


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What can not be seen clearly with naked eyes, can be easily seen with thermal imaging systems. Thermal Imaging Systems are very useful for seafarers. One such system by Flir is having wide range of marine applications. Also Earthrace presently circumnavigating the globe is fitted with Flir system. The interesting marine applications are:

  • Safe navigation
  • Port security
  • Man Over Board
  • Threat detection like anti-piracy
  • Marine surveyors:
    • for hull inspection
    • to identify moisture accumulation in FRP/core laminate
    • to identify loose and corroded electrical connections and overheating of electrical cables
    • to measure skin temperatures of boilers,storage tanks

Here is a sample photograph which shows vision through naked eyes and through Flir Thermal Imaging System.


Here is a pdf document that explains Applications of Infrared Imaging Techniques to Marine Surveying.

Here is a video clip which explains marine applications of Flir Thermal Imaging System.

Update: October 19

Mad Mariner says that Flir Thermal Imaging System is an expensive goodie for your boat, no doubt, but if you want to impress everyone from bikini babes to bar flies, this little number will do the trick. Read more from MadMariner.

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