Mistaken Identity: After Stingray, it is Now Pelican Attack on A Woman Swimmer Off Florida

by OldSailor on May 12, 2008


swimmer pelican stingray

In an unusual incident of mistaken identity, a Pelican wrongly landed on a woman who was swimming off Florida coast.

  • 50 year old Debbie Shoemaker was swimming near St. Petersburg on May 08
  • suddenly she realized that something has hit her face violently
  • a Pelican on a diving course to catch a fish wrongly landed on the cheek of the woman with its large beak
  • the woman was hospitalized and was given 25 stitches to close three inch gash on her face
  • the pelican died

Here is the photograph of the woman and more details from myfoxtampabay.


In a similar incident, a 75 pound stingray attacked a 57 year old woman Judy Kay Zagorski, on her face who was on a fast moving boat.The woman died out of impact.The stingray also died.This happened in March 2008 near Marathon, Florida.

Here is the video clip of the incident.

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