Mother’s Day: Mother of Three Saves a Stranger from Shark Attack

by OldSailor on May 11, 2008


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Photo Source:Stewart Allen, news

On Mother’s Day today, it is nice to know about Joanne Lucas who has saved a stranger from shark attack on May 10 at Middleton Beach, Australia.

  • 37 year old Jason Cull, school teacher was swimming with dolphins about 80 metres from shore in the morning on May 10.
  • He was attacked by a four metre white pointer shark while swimming and chunks of leg muscle was eaten by the shark.
  • On hearing the cries for help from Jason Cull, 50 year old Joanne Lucas mother of three who came there for surfboat rowing practice jumped into the sea risking her life. She swam and physically pulled Jason Cull back to shore.
  • Thereafter Jason Cull was taken to hospital for treatment and he is now safe.

Read more from theage.

OldSailor salutes this great mother on Mother’s Day.

Update: May 12

Here is some more information and a video clip at news.

Update: May 14

WA Premier Alan Carpenter plans to nominate Ms Joanne Lucas for an Australian Bravery Decorations Council award. Read more from theaustralian.

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