Intelligent Talking First Aid Kit Now Available for Use in Ships

by OldSailor on May 8, 2008



The Intelligent First Aid Talking Kit is now available. The interesting features of this kit are:

  • designed by medical and educational experts
  • combines supplies, visual instruction cards
  • has an audio module for verbal guidance to manage the most common injuries
  • the kit is separated into individually labeled and color-coded injury packs so the user has all the supplies
  • has easy to follow instructions for managing a specific injury
  • on pressing a button, the audio module in each injury card narrates step-by-step instructions to manage the injury, pausing and repeating when necessary for accurate response
  • the case includes a guidebook, with first aid instructions for additional medical emergencies, such as choking, frost bite, heatstroke, asthma
  • also included is a product manual with audio instructions
  • a book light/flashlight and a shoulder strap

Here is an audio sample from the bleeding pack of the Intelligent First Aid Talking Kit.

talking_firstaid_kit_2 Click the icon to listen.

This Intelligent First Aid Talking Kit will be very useful in the ships where timely First Aid is very important.

More details are here at intelligentfirstaid.

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