Indian Naval Ships Rush to Cyclone Nargis Battered Myanmar

by OldSailor on May 6, 2008


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Cyclone Nargis which was initially centred 390 miles east of Chennai on April 27 has missed Orissa, Bangladesh and finally battered Myanamar on May 02 and 03. On April 28th itself it was predicted that the cyclone was heading towards Myanmar coast. It is not clear why Myanmar has failed to take preventive actions to face the cyclone. Unimaginable damages caused by the cyclone are being reported now. The last damage due to cyclone in the region was in Bangladesh by Cyclone Sidr in November 2007.

Rough estimates of cyclone damage:

  • loss of lives are reported as more than 10,000
  • 100,000 are homeless
  • a state of emergency has been declared in cyclone ravaged area
  • detailed estimates on damages are yet to come

Cyclone relief work:

  • International Aid agencies have commenced relief work.
  • The U.S. has approved $250,000 for Myanmar’s relief and Myanmar is yet to accept the aid.
  • In some areas Buddhist monks, who revolted against the government earlier this year, were cleaning up debris and pulling away fallen trees.
  • Two Indian Navy ships with relief material are proceeding to Myanmar for relief work.

Here is the map showing location of Cyclone Nargis from April 27 to May 02


Here are some photographs of cyclone damage

cyclone_nargis_burma_damage cyclone_nargis_burma_damage2

cyclone_nargis_burma_damage3 cyclone_nargis_burma_damage4

More cyclone damage photographs are available at

Here is a video clip on damages by Cyclone Nargis

Another video clip is available here.

Online donations for cyclone relief may be made here to tbbc.

Update: May 06

Here is the confirmation that Myanmar failed to give adequate warning to the people. Read more from abc. Map showing cyclone affected areas are available at ReliefWeb. Relief efforts are held up due to delays in getting clearance from Myanmar’s military rulers. Read more from

Update: May 07

Operation Sahayata: INS Rana and INS Kirpan arrived today with relief material at Yangon. Also two IAF aircrafts AN-32 airlifted relief material to Myanmar.

Update: May 11

1.5 million lives are in danger if cyclone relief is delayed further. Read more from ReliefWeb.

Update: May 12

The first United States military aircraft with relief material has landed in Myanmar. Read more from nytimes.

Update: May 13

Here is another shocking video of damages caused by Cyclone Nargis. First consignment of British aid reaches Myanmar and Royal Navy Ship Westminster is heading to Myanmar to join cyclone aid. Read more from telegraph.

Update: May 15

India to send a team of doctors to offer medical aid to survivors. Read more from ibnlive.

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