David Blaine Sets a New World Record to Hold Breath Underwater

by OldSailor on May 1, 2008


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David Blaine, 35 year old has set a new world record on April 30, to hold breath underwater for 17 minutes, 4.4 seconds. The previous record is for 16 minutes, 32 seconds. Before going underwater David Blaine inhaled pure oxygen for 23 minutes to fill his lungs. Why 23 minutes ? 23 is his mother’s date of birth whom he loves and respects.


Image source:oprah

How could he achieve this record ? Here are the tips.

  • he reduced his body weight more than 40 pounds by eating small meals, running, lifting light weights. Lesser the body weight lesser the oxygen requirement to survive.
  • he practiced to sleep in reduced oxygen content environment to increase his red blood cell counts.
  • he practiced breath holding technique by free diving up to 200 feet.
  • he could switch over his body to survival mode at his will by controlling his body through his mind. By this he could make the blood to flow towards his heart and brain more, than to other parts of his body.
  • he could shrink his lungs almost by 30% to reduce oxygen requirement.
  • he could reduce his heart beat by mind control to reduce oxygen use

More details and video clip are here at oprah.

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