Weekend Surprise: Hidden Treasure of Marine Bloggers Revealed

by OldSailor on April 27, 2008



Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog helps to reveal the hidden treasure of marine bloggers as a weekend surprise. Listing is done alphabetically. I could not cover all the bloggers to keep the list short. They may find out from here.

bitterend $17,500.74

eagle_speak $44,598.66

fredfry $91,455.48

gcaptain $66,051.18

life_at_sea $3,387.24

maritime_accident_casebook $20,887.98

marinebuzz $18,629.82

navagear $10,161.72

never_sea_land $13,548.96

panbo $10,161.72

robin_storm $10,161.72

sea_fever $15,242.58

ship_of_the_day $6,774.48

stranded_mariner $5,080.86

the_yankee_sailor $67,180.26

tims_times $7,339.02

tugster $25,404.30

Update: Results are shown in Bubble Chart


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