Earthrace is Ready to Circumnavigate the Globe on Biodiesel

by OldSailor on April 26, 2008


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Image Credit:Jim Burkett, Earthrace

Earthrace skipper, Pete Bethune is now ready to set a new world record for a powerboat to circle the globe. The 78 foot Earthrace uses 100% sustainable biodiesel fuel for propulsion with a net zero carbon footprint. The voyage is ready to commence on April 27 from Sagunto, Spain, and is expected to complete in less than 65 days. The present record for a powerboat to circumnavigate the globe is 74 days, 23 hours and 53 minutes set by UK boat ‘Cable & Wireless Adventurer’ in 1998.

Here is the race route.


The voyage includes twelve refueling stops at various ports around the globe. The stops are given below:

Stop Place Distance in NM,Time,Speed
Sagunto, Spain Starting Point
No 1 Azores,Portugal 1516
No 2 San Juan,Puerto Rico 2315 (121 hours @ 19 knots)
No 3 Colon, Panama 1003 (45.45 hours @ 22 knots)
No 4 Manzanillo, Mexico 1795 (81.6 @ 22 knots)
No 5 San Diego, USA 1300 (59.09 hours @ 22 knots)
No 6 Maui, Hawaii 2350 (120.51 hrs @ 19.5 knots)
No 7 Marshall islands 2050 (97.62 hours @ 21 knots)
No 8 Koror, Palau 2150 (104.88 hrs @ 20.5 knots)
No 9 Singapore 2200 (110 hours @ 20 knots)
No 10 Kochi, India 2000 (90.91 hours @ 22 knots)
No 11 Salalah, Oman 1400 (63.64 hours @ 22 knots)
El Gouna 1700 (77.27 hours @ 22 knots)
No 12 Port Said, Suez Canal 250 (11.36 hours @ 22 knots)
Valencia, Spain Finishing Point

The stops are shown here in the maps below:








For more details click Earthrace.

Update: April 27

Earthrace has commenced her voyage on April 27 at 1400 hours CET from Sagunto, Spain. Detailed press release is available here.

Click here to know the present position of Earthrace.

Update: May 01

Earthrace reached the first stopover Azores, Portugal on April 30. The vessel same day left Azores after refueling and replacement of auto pilot pump and fuel pump. Earthrace covered a distance of 1542 nautical miles in 2 days, 17 hours and 55 seconds from Sagunto, Spain to Horta in the Azore. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: May 07

Earthrace reached the second stopover San Juan, Puerto Rico on May 05. During the voyage Earthrace was pounded by six metre waves. Due to logistic problems in taking biodiesel, departure got delayed by a day and minor repairs were also carried out. Earth has left Puerto Rico on May 06 around 2030 hours. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: May 11

Earthrace arrived at the third stopover Atlantic side of Colon, Panama on May 08. After liaising with Panama Canal Authority, Earthrace managed to enter the 37 nm long canal on May 10. Engineer Mark Russell had injured his leg and after medical aid, he is continuing his voyage. Also Earthrace crew repaired their autopilot and installed FLIR night vision system for better navigation. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: May 12

Earthrace has crossed the Panama Canal on May 10. After refueling at Pacific side of Colon on May 11, Earthrace is now heading towards Mexico. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: May 15

Earthrace reached fourth stopover Manzanillo, Mexico on May 14 and after three hours stop continued her voyage. During this short period, engineering support team rectified fault in the port fuel line filter. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: May 18

Earthrace arrived at the fifth stopover San Diego, California on May 16 and after seven hours continued her voyage. During these seven hours refueling and engine servicing were carried out. Now Earthrace is heading towards Hawaii. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: May 22

Earthrace reached sixth stopover Hawaii today and left after a short break of two hours. Now Earthrace is determined to smash the world record instead of just breaking it. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: May 24

Bad luck for Earthrace. Port engine 30000 psi fuel hose has burst on May 23. Cold repair on the fuel line is not successful. Now Earthrace is sailing on one engine at a speed of 14-15 knots. Earlier she was maintaining 22 knots. Replacement of fuel line is possible only at her next stopover at Marshall islands on May 26. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: May 27

Earthrace reached seventh stopover Marshall islands and the fuel line defect was rectified. Now Earthrace is back on two engines and heading towards Palau. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: June 03

Earthrace reached eighth stopover Palau on June 01. Left Palau within four hours after refueling. Unfortunately port propeller of Earthrace got damaged after hitting sea debris off Palau and she came to Palau again for inspection. Extensive repairs are required and is possible only in Singapore. Now Earthrace is again on single engine and is heading to Singapore. Expected to reach Singapore on June 06. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: June 08

Earthrace reached her nineth stopover at Singapore on June 06. Repairs on port shaft and propeller are almost over and trials are due. Read complete coverage from powerboat-world.

Update: June 10

Earthrace successfully completed her repairs and trials and left Singapore on June 09. Now she is heading towards Kochi. ETA June 13. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: June 15

Earthrace reached her tenth stopover Kochi on June 14 and after refueling continued her voyage. Now only two more stopovers are there to complete circumnavigation. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: June 21

Earthrace reached her eleventh stopover Salalah Oman on June 20 and after refueling continued her voyage. Now she is heading towards the red sea. Read more from powerboat-world.

Update: June 25

Earthrace after her last stopover at Port Said on June 24, is now on her finishing part of circumnavigation. ETA finish line at Valencia, Spain on June 28 (AM).

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