India Sri Lanka to Share Electricity through Undersea Power Cables

by OldSailor on April 23, 2008


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As a step towards strengthening bilateral relations, India and Sri Lanka are planning to share electricity through undersea power cables.

The interesting features of the project are:

  • Indian power circuit
    • Indian power grid from Madurai to feed Rameswaram through an overhead transmission line
    • From Rameswaram undersea cable would be laid to connect Talai Mannar, Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lankan power circuit
    • Talaimannar to feed to Anuradhapura through an overhead line to connect to Sri Lankan power grid
  • could be completed in 42 months
  • cost of the project is Indian Rupees 2292 crores
  • power cables would be laid in seabed like telecom or internet cables
  • to have built in safety to address electrocution on both sides in case of undersea cable damage
  • an optical fibre cable also would be laid along with power cables to monitor power cables and to enhance communication facilities on both sides
  • to start with, power sharing would be of 500 MW and later can be enhanced up to 1000 MW

Here is the map showing the proposed power link


Read more from timesofindia

Update: October 29

India is expected to send a special team of engineers within the next two weeks to begin work on the proposed electricity supply undersea cable between Sri Lanka and Madurai in India.  Sri Lanka is likely to supply their excess electricity to India when their mega power plants get commissioned between 2015 and 2018.  Read more from Daily Mirror.

Update: June 30, 2009

India and Sri Lanka are to sign a MoU soon, to study the feasibility of laying an undersea cable to connect the power networks of two countries. Read more from The Times of India.

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