Ice Cream Stick Ship ‘Sea Heart Viking’ Sails to London

by OldSailor on April 9, 2008



Kenichi Horie has sailed in wave powered boat Suntory Mermaid II, a ship constructed out of recycled aluminium from beer cans. Now U.S.born stuntman turned Captain Robert McDonald of the Sea Heart Foundation has built ‘Viking Thor’, a ship made out of recycled ice cream sticks. The ship has sailed from Netherlands on April 08 to reach England. The interesting features of ‘Viking Thor’ are

  • 14.9 metres long and 7 metres high
  • made out of 15 million recycled ice cream sticks
  • more than 6 tons of glue was used
  • took five years to complete the ship
  • more than 5,000 children from 18 schools in Europe participated in the construction
  • will sail this summer to the UK, Iceland, Greenland and Canada, and will finally reach the most southern tip of the USA, Key West in Florida

Here is another photo where childrens autographs can be seen on the planks.



Click here to view amazing photographs of Viking while under construction. Here for some more photographs.

Click here to view a video clip of Viking from CNN and here for another video clip.

Update: Another video clip is here.

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