Arabian Sea to Witness First Indo German Joint Naval Exercise

by OldSailor on April 5, 2008



Three German Navy Ships F220 Hamburg, F211 Koln and A1411 Berlin will be on a goodwill visit to Kochi,India from April 05 to 08. The visit will be followed by an Indo German joint naval exercise in the Arabian Sea. The exercise first of its kind between India and Germany is in line with Indo-German Defence Cooperation Agreement signed in 2006.

The German Naval fleet is led by Rear Admiral F Bollow, Flag Officer Commanding 2nd German flottia.

F220 Hamburg: Missile frigate commissioned in 2004 has complement of 230 and has speed of 29 knots.

F211 Koln: Missile frigate commissione in 1984 has complement of 219 and has speed of 30 knots.

A1411 Berlin: Naval support ship commissioned in 2001 has complement of 139 and has speed of 20 knots.

Click here to read more about F220 Hamburg , here for F211 Koln and here for A1411 Berlin.

Click here to view some photographs of German ships.

Click here to view a short video clip of A1411 Berlin in action.

Update: April 08

Indo German naval exercise to begin today. Click here to read more.

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