World Water Day Focuses on Sanitation

by OldSailor on March 22, 2008


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Today is March 22. United Nations General Assembly has declared March 22 of the Year as World Water Day. This year is also the International Year of Sanitation 2008. World Water Day this year highlights the issues on the plight of 2.6 billion people (approximately 40% of world population) world wide living without proper sanitation facilities.

The message for this year is ‘ Stand up for those who can not sit down’.

Here is the map showing sanitation facilities available as on 2004 in the countries worldwide. lam sure there may not be any major changes by now.


Here are 10 Things You Need to Know About Sanitation.

Here is the Key Message Booklet issued on the International Year of Sanitation.

Here is the message from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the occasion of World Water Day. This year the day was celebrated on March 20 by the UN in Geneva.

Update: March 13, 2010

Here is a simple, easy to use toilet bag called ‘Peepoo’ developed by Sweden.

  • The Peepoo is in the form of a slim elongated bag size 14 x 38 cm.
  • Within the bag there is a thinner gauze that measures 26 x 24 cm. The inside of the Peepoo bags is coated with a thin film of urea. Without sacrificing ergonomic function the bag’s design is adapted in every way so that it might be manufactured at as low a price as possible and sold to the groups with weakest purchasing power in the world.
  • The Peepoo is designed to be used once, sitting, squatting or standing. If one uses it with only the hand, the thin gauze prevents all contact with the excrement. It can also be used by being placed in a cut plastic bottle or small bucket and acting approximately as a chamber pot.
  • The Peepoo is a toilet which is not fixed to a particular place. It is simple to carry since it is small and weighs less than 10 grams. The only thing one needs to do is find a secluded spot where one can use it as a toilet.
  • Peepoo bags are odour free for at least 24 hours after use and can thus be stored in the immediate environment.
  • Peepoo is one of few sanitation solutions which require no water. The only water required is to wash the hands after use. This means that the traditional link between water and sanitation has been cut.A used Peepoobag is clean to handle. It has become a waste that neither smell nor is dirty to take care of and collect.

For more details, log on to Peepoople.

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