Electronic Cigarette to Save Smoking Seafarers

by OldSailor on March 21, 2008



Gamucci electronic cigarette is now available for smoking seafarers.

The electronic cigarette has

  • a replaceable cartridge which comes in different flavors like tobacco,chocolate,apple,cherry,mint
  • atomization chamber
  • electronic smart chip
  • built in rechargeable battery
  • an operating indicator at the cigarette tip

The advantages of smoking electronic cigarette are

  • can be used in no smoking zones also
  • has no health hazard like cancer
  • is available in different flavors
  • has a rechargeable battery
  • is environment friendly
  • is non flammable
  • is cost effective
  • is stylish

Update: May 26

Here is another electronic cigarette from supersmoker ultimo.

Update: September 25

World Health Organization (WHO) says that the electronic cigarette is not a proven nicotine replacement therapy. If the marketers of the electronic cigarette want to help smokers quit, then they need to conduct clinical studies and toxicity analyses and operate within the proper regulatory framework. Read more from WHO.

Here is a video clip of Gamucci electronic cigarette.

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