Why to Replace Paper Log Books in Ships with Electronic Log Books

by OldSailor on March 19, 2008


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Paper log books used by ships are gradually getting replaced with E log books or Electronic log books.

Paper log books had their own drawbacks, such as

  • improper filling (like filling up of a daily log on a weekly basis)
  • lack of clarity
  • over writing
  • poor handwriting where no one can understand what is written

In addition safe upkeep of log books is always a problem, such as

  • log books getting misplaced in ship
  • getting torn and dirty
  • getting destroyed due to fire and flooding
  • in between pages missing

As per the regulations, records must be maintained and safely kept for reference at any time. To overcome the drawbacks listed above E log books are replacing paper log books. Now, K-Log Electronic Log Books from Kongsberg are available. The K-Log has to be installed in Kongsberg supplied Marine Information Station Computer in the ship.

Interesting features of K-Log Electronic Log Books are

  • they support event based recordings in ship pertaining to Navigation, Engine Watch Keeping, Port Calls etc.,
  • they can be configured to meet individual ships requirement
  • they meet the specifications laid by IMO, SOLAS and Flag States
  • in addition to manual data entry the system can be interfaced with GPS for time and position reference and with other navigation,automation available onboard
  • offered as modules: Deck Log Book, Engine Log Book, Oil Record Book Part I, Radio Log Book, Dynamic Positioning (DP) Log Book, Operational Log
  • the system is capable of generating Reports such as Full Deck Log Report, Daily Noon Report

Here is a sketch of the K-Log System


Advantages of using K-Log

  • though initial investment may be high, this reduces work load of officers on watch as manual documentation is cumbersome
  • saves time in terms of data collection and generating reports
  • improves efficiency as data and reports are sent without time delay to ship owners, third party view
  • easy retrieval of data when necessary

Presently Seismic Ship Ramform Sovereign is getting installed with Kongsberg K-Log electronic logbook.

Click here to read more about K-Log, Marine electronic logbooks.

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