10 Easy Ways to Sink a Ship

by OldSailor on March 18, 2008


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Very often we come across news reports about sinking ships. Ships by design are not to sink. Ships are periodically inspected and certified for their seaworthiness to avoid accidents at sea.

Then Why do ships sink ?

  • Is it because of ships crew ?
  • Is it because of machinery failure ?
  • Is it because of external factors like bad weather ?

It is ultimately the ships crew responsible for the ships to sink. Even machinery failure can be avoided by the crew. Understanding the weather pattern and avoiding bad weather is possible.

Here are 10 easy ways to sink a ship.

skills1. Do not apply your professional skills

  • do not update your professional knowledge
  • do not learn from others mistakes
  • do not listen to your subordinates view
  • do not apply your mind in case of emergencies

emergency2. Do not carry out Emergency Drills

  • do not carry out fire safety drills
  • do not carry out damage control drills
  • do not carry out steering failure drills
  • do not carry out generator,engine failure drills

shipshape3.Do not keep the ship in shipshape condition

  • do not secure cargo and other materials onboard for sea
  • do not keep machinery, cargo, living spaces neat and tidy
  • do not believe in house keeping

weather forecast4.Do not bother about weather forecasts

  • do not make use of navigational aids onboard to find out weather pattern
  • do not make use of communication equipments on board to know the outside world and safety warnings

friendship5.Do not maintain harmony within the ships crew

fitness6.Do not keep yourself mentally and physically fit

  • do not avoid alchohol
  • do not avoid smoking
  • do not avoid drugs
  • do not keep your mind free from personal problems
  • do not lead a stress free life
  • do not communicate with others to listen to or share your problems
  • do not do simple physical exercises

maintenance7.Do not maintain your machinery

  • do not read user manuals of the machinery
  • do not carry out preventive or breakdown maintenance
  • do not carry out condition monitoring
  • do not forget to boast that ‘I Know Every Thing’
  • do not maintain logbooks
  • do not calibrate your test equipments,gauges,instruments
  • do not cover the equipments when not in use
  • do not test emergency equipment like fire fighting equipment,emergency generator,emergency lights,fire alarms, lifeboats etc., for operational readiness
  • do not carry out dry dock related maintenance professionally

inspect8.Do not observe the machinery behaviour while in operation

  • do not keep your eyes open to look for any leakages,flooding,fire
  • do not look at instrument panels to monitor machinery parameters
  • do not keep your ears open to observe any abnormal noise coming from machinery
  • do not use your nose to observe any gas leaks,fuel leaks,burning smell
  • do not sense by touching machinery for any abnormal vibrations, abnormal heating up of machinery
  • do not follow safety procedures while working on equipments

rule book9.Do not follow the rule book

  • do not read the safety awareness posters in the ship
  • do not document your activities
  • do not update yourself on SOLAS,MARPOL,COLREG,ISPS,ISM,STCW etc.,

10. In case of Warships, in addition to the above loose lips also can sink ships.

looselips click the image to know more.

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Angela May 28, 2012 at 12:48 PM

Who the hell wants to learn to sink a ship.. that just puts everyone in danger..

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