Australians Successfully Locate HMAS Sydney II Sunk during World War II

by OldSailor on March 17, 2008



HMAS Sydney II was lost at sea during World War II in the western coast of Australia on November 19,1941. War historians believed that German Merchant Raider HSK Kormoron tactfully sank the ship. HMAS Sydney II, a modified Leander Class Light Cruiser sank with 645 crew with no survivors. In the battle HSK Kormoron also sank. To confirm that HMAS Sydney II was sunk by HSK Kormoron, it was necessary to locate the wreckage of HSK Kormoron.

Now, Finding Sydney Foundation (FSF) has succeeded in locating HSK Kormoron on March 12, about 112 nautical miles off Steep Point, Western Australia. The wreckage was found lying at a depth of 2,560 metres. Later HMAS Sydney II was located, 12 nautical miles off Kormoran, at a depth of 2,470 metres. Both the wreckages were located by using SM30 side scan sonar. More details of both the ships would be found out by using Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

Here is a photograph of HMAS Sydney II


Here is the crew list of HMAS Sydney II who sacrificed their lives.

Here is a photograph of HSK Kormoron


Click here to view a video clip of the discovery of HMAS Sydney II.

Update: March 23

Survey vessel Geosounder located HMAS Sydney II and HSK Kormoron in seabed. Click here for more details of Geosounder.

Update: March 29

Here is the updated fact sheet of HMAS Sydney II.

Update: April 05

Click here to view the first photographs of HMAS Sydney II released.

Update: May 17

The President of Commission of Inquiry will convene a public sitting of the Commission on May 30. Read more from navy.

Update: September 02

A former sailor from HMAS Sydney II tells that the ship sank due to incompetent Captain. Read more from BrisbaneTimes.

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