World’s First Wave Powered Boat to Sail from Hawaii to Japan

by OldSailor on March 15, 2008


kenichi_horie suntory_mermaidii

World’s First Wave Powered Boat ‘Suntory Mermaid II’ is getting ready to sail this month from Honolulu, Hawai to Kii Suido, Japan. The skipper of the expedition Earth Partnership 2008 is 69 year old Kenichi Horie a well known marine adventurer. The distance is around 4350 miles and is expected to take two and half months to complete.

The interesting features of Suntory Mermaid II built by Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Company are:

  • overall length 9.5 metres, beam 3.5 metres, displacement three tons
  • twin hulled catamaran, made from 3mm recycled aluminium sheets
  • onboard electronic equipments use solar power
  • uses dolphin’s tail like twin fins in the bow to absorb energy from pitching motion of the boat for propulsion
  • as pitching is absorbed, the boat has improved stability
  • has provisions to use sails and out board motor in case of emergency
  • speed not more than 5 knots as only wave energy is harnessed.

Here is the picture showing wave mechanics.


Image Source:popsci

Click here for more details and photographs.

Update: March 17

Kenichi Horie has commenced his voyage on March 16. Click here for more details.

Update: April 14

Here day to day updates from the skipper Kenichi Horie ia available.

Update: July 07

Kenichi Horie has successfully completed his voyage on July 04. He arrived at the port of Wakayama in the channel between Honshu and Shikoku Islands. Now he is the first person in history to cross the ocean powered by wave power. Read more from Sail-world.

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