Plastics are a Threat or No Threat to Marine Environment

by OldSailor on March 9, 2008



So far the environmentalists created a global awareness that plastics are a threat to environment. Even the oceans are not spared. Marine mammals and sea birds are the worst affected by plastics pollution. Tons of plastics are floating in the oceans.

When the countries started banning plastic bags, now different views are coming. It is now reported that environmental threat due to plastic bags is exaggerated and there is no scientific evidence to prove this. If plastic bags are not a threat to environment, then plastics used in day to day life in the form of bottles, pouches, containers, cups, trays, cartons, food wraps, straws, tubes, boxes also can not be a threat to environment.

Here is an image, that proves that plastic bottle caps were found in the carcass of layson albatross in the North Pacific region.


Indian cows eat plastic bags also. But then, which is correct ?

  • Plastics are a threat or no threat to environment ?
  • Plastic bags are to be banned or not to be banned ?

What are your views ?

Update: March 14

Here is a report that proves plastic bags kill Queensland turtles.

Update: March 27

Here is report from BBC which says plastic waste in the oceans poses a long-term toxic threat.

Update: June 22

Sea of trash in Alaskan shores. Read more from The New York Times.

Update: June 29

Oceanographers have found that between 60 and 95 percent of marine debris is made of plastic. Read more from The Indian Express.

Update: September 15

The Prince of Wales has spoken of his deep concern for the threat posed to marine wildlife by Britain’s “throwaway culture” that is dumping plastic bags and other litter at sea. Read more from Telegraph.

Update: November 04

In Australia, a crocodile has died after eating too many plastic bags. Some 25 plastic shopping and garbage bags were found inside the animal, along with a plastic wine cooler bag and a rubber float. Read more from The China Post.

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