Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System for Pollution Response

by OldSailor on March 5, 2008


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Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System, a product of JBF Environmental Technology is a portable, easy to handle, oil recovery unit which can be used from any type of vessel in the polluted area. To provide fast and immediate pollution response, the US Coast Guard has 19 of these systems located nationwide.

JBF DIP500 Skimming System features

  • easily converts an existing vessel of opportunity into an advancing oil recovery vessel.
  • the system can be easily air lifted in case of an emergency or can be prepositioned in different pollution prone locations.
  • uses independent flotation so that skimmer can operate in waves independent of the vessel of opportunity.
  • sweep width can be increased by using JBF’s extended sweep system or by an additional containment boom from a second tow vessel.
  • the skimming module operates positive displacement screw pumps for transfer of recovered water free oil to storage tanks or to barges or storage bladders in tow.
  • can efficiently operate at skimming speed of 1-5 knots.
  • can be towed by the vessel while deployed in transit at 7-8 knots.
  • can collect oil at the encounter rate during a spill and the maximum oil recovery capacity is 150 tons/hour.
  • is designed to operate at high efficiencies even in adverse weather conditions such as waves, wind.

Method of oil recovery

Oil recovery is done by Dynamic Inclined Plane method. The oil and water layer is streamed down the moving inclined plane assembly to the collection well. In the collection well as the oil is lighter than water rises to the surface. The deep layer of separated oil is then pumped to storage.


The oil recovery module consists of a moving inclined plane assembly and collection well that funnels the separated oil and smaller solids to the suction of either a single or two transfer pumps. The waterline of the DIP500 VOSS is designed to flood the intake to the transfer pumps so that heavy viscous oils can be easily transferred to storage tanks.

Here are some photographs of VOSS





Here is a video clip of VOSS under test by USCG

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