Man Over Board Search System, Wave Finder: An Overview

by OldSailor on February 28, 2008


MOB Tx MOB antenna MOB display

WaveFinder is a Swiss designed, active, intelligent, autonomous Man-Over-Board (MOB) safety and search system. This is an essential system for the safety of ships crew which complements the existing products such as lifejackets, flashing lights etc.

On activation, WaveFinder is capable of

  • providing automatic alerts to the ships crew that a person has fallen overboard
  • providing continuous updated information on the position of MOB
  • providing relative distance of the MOB
  • guiding the ship to the exact location of the MOB even in the rough seas

The WaveFinder, MOB Search System comprises of

  • Transmitters to be in possession of ships crew who are in risk of getting over board
  • Onboard Antenna
  • Display in the Bridge or Wheelhouse


Wave Finder MOB Tx

The transmitter

  • small in size and light weight (12 cm and 130 grams) provided in a nylon case
  • can be easily worn in the waist belt or fixed to the lifejacket
  • on activation, provides not less than 6 hours a continuous signal
  • the lifetime of the battery is six years
  • an algorithm integrated in the antenna eliminates any false alarm
  • completely sealed, is activated by pulling away manually a magnetic flap in its nylon case
  • has to be fitted to an automatic lifejacket for automatic activation. When the lifejacket inflates, the magnetic flap is pulled out of place and triggers the beacon.


Wave Finder MOB Antenna

The antenna

  • is a lightweight,solid state antenna that requires only one electrical connection to the display.
  • being small in size with a height of 26 cm, can be easily installed in any type of vessel.
  • needs to be installed as high as possible for maximum range of 10 miles


Wave Finder MOB Display

The display

  • consists of a waterproof 16 segment LED display
  • an alarm that alerts the crew when MOB occurs
  • provides an easy to use visual indication of the continuously updated direction of MOB. To approach the MOB location, steer in such a way to keep the lit segment at 12 o’clock position.
  • provides continuously updated relative distance of the MOB. A five-bar signal strength meter in the middle of the display gives an indication of how close you are to your MOB. If all five bars are lit then you are within 200m (650ft)

The complete system comprising transmitters,antenna and display can be tested at any time by the ship.

Advantages of WaveFinder, MOB Search System

user friendly User friendly

accuracy Very accurate even in rough seas

activation Automatic activation if fixed to a automatic inflatable life jacket

battery Six year battery life

compact Compact, small size, less weight

crew One antenna and one display covers all ships crew

installation Plug and Play, easy installation

waterproof Transmitter,Antenna,Display all are water proof


Update:March 14

Here is the rescue procedure to be followed by the person gone Man Over Board

Update: March 26

View here a video clip of Man Over Board Drill on USS Nimitz.

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