How Global Warming Helps Shipping Industry

by OldSailor on February 27, 2008


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Everyone by now is aware that Global Warming is a threat to environment.

There are some positive developments also that are taking place due to Global Warming to help the Shipping Industry and Seafarers.

Here is a graph showing Extent of Arctic Sea Ice (millions of Sq Kms) from 1979 to 2007.



We can observe that minimum average sea ice from 1979 to 2000 was around 7 million sq kms. This has reduced to around 4 million sq kms in 2007 and in future going to decrease further. So is the case for Antarctic region also. This implies that ocean area available for navigation is increasing more and more.

Here is how Global Warming helps the Shipping Industry.

1.Reduced operating costs to shipping companies due to new and shorter shipping routes:


As more ocean area is available in the Arctic region for navigation, new shorter shipping routes are going to be available to connect US to Asia. This is going to reduce travel time and operating costs to shipping companies.

2.More demand for Ship Construction industry:


As more shipping routes are available, there is going to be more demand for ships and ship construction industry.

3.Marine Tourism to increase:


Marine tourism is going to get a boost to explore more icy Arctic, Antarctic regions which was not possible earlier. In 1992, 6750 people visited Antarctica and this increased to 37,000 in 2006.

4.Easy access to ocean based minerals and other resources:


Oceans have lot of minerals and other resources. Arctic, Antarctic regions which could not be explored so far, are going to be explored more.

5.Increased scope of work for Coast Guard:

coast guard

It is obvious that due to increased shipping area and traffic, Coast Guard has to expand in terms of more ships, more man power and more responsibility.

6.Increased demand for seafarers:


With more shipping routes and more demand for ships, requirement for seafarers is also going to increase.

Though the positive aspects are highlighted above, the negative aspects such as increased risk of marine pollution is also to be considered.

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