Dynamite Blast Fishing is Increasing as an Organised Crime

by OldSailor on February 25, 2008


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Fishing is livelihood for some people. Fishing is also a hobby for some people.

But, Dynamite blast or Explosive Fishing is increasing as a means of earning quick money for some organised criminals.

Dynamite Fishing is a cruel method of fishing by triggering an underwater explosion. The resulting underwater noise or shock or pressure waves cause death of all marine life including fish and coral reef in the vicinity.

Dynamite blast fishing is practiced in more than 30 countries. The crime which was going on earlier in small scale has now become a dynamite mafia that has now perfected a system which they put into practice with assembly line precision.

Here you can see a photograph of dead fish after blasting.

Dynamite blast fishing

Click here for more photographs and details about dynamite blast fishing in Sri Lanka.

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