Soanya Ahmad Abandons 1000 Days at Sea Expedition After 306 Days

by OldSailor on February 23, 2008


1000 days at sea

56 year old American adventurer Captain Reid Stowe and 25 year old rookie sailor Soanya Ahmad commenced their 1000 days Non Stop at Sea expedition called The Mars Ocean Odyssey. Now due to prolonged seasickness, the brave Soanya has decided to say goodbye to the expedition.

The interesting features of the expedition are:

  • 1000 days non stop at sea without touching the land
  • Commenced on April 21, 2007
  • On a 70-foot and 60-ton gaff-rigged schooner Anne.
  • Sailing plan
    • from N.Y. following the Gulf Stream across the North Atlantic then south towards the equator
    • after passing equator, sail in the shape of a heart in the Southern Ocean
    • go further south for first around of world pass
    • then to eventually sail all the oceans of the world without ever touching land
  • Communication: Schooner Anne carries the ACR model “Satellite 406″ which is a Class 1 Category II 406 Mhz EPIRB and an iridium satellite telephone
  • Water: There are four water tanks located in the cargo hold with a capacity of 1200 gallons in all and a desalinator.
  • Heat source: the vessel has an antique french stove that burns coal and wood. There is about 2000 lbs. of coal stored on the schooner and 150 boxes of wood
  • Food: mostly rice and beans, pasta and sauce, dried fruits, sprout salads, and salt fish to last two people a full three years
  • A medical kit

Soanya commenced her voyage with no sailing experience. She functioned as Stowe’s first mate for the first 300 days handling photography, computers and communication,as well as overseeing food supplies and preparing meals.

Since November 2007 after entering the stormy Southern Ocean, Soanya is not keeping well due to sea sickness resulting in a loss of appetite,weight loss. Now after 306 days at sea, Soanya has decided to disembark and call off her expedition. The Royal Perth Yacht Club is providing assistance with an at-sea transfer about 15 nautical miles off Perth.

Reid is continuing his original aims of the voyage and is determined to finish out his 20-year dream to live at sea for 1000 days.

Captain Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad have created the following records:

  • Longest man and woman sea voyage
  • Longest consecutive time at sea for a woman

Voyage so far

voyage so far

Click here to know the present position of Schooner Anne

Click here to view Digital Schooner Anne

Here are some photographs of Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad

day one day-306-saying-goodbye-sm

Here is a video clip of the expedition


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