Who Invented Sonar – A Controversy

by OldSailor on February 19, 2008


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SOund Navigation And Ranging (SONAR), an equipment used to detect underwater objects finds variety of marine applications from Navigation to Naval warfare.

Who invented Sonar ?

  • Early research in Lake Geneva by Daniel Colloden in the year 1822 led to the invention of sonar devices by other inventors.
  • Lewis Nixon invented the very first Sonar type listening device in 1906, as a way of detecting icebergs.
  • Stanley Robert Rich, an entrepreneur and inventor devised a scanning sonar for submarines in World War II.
  • Sonar was invented in 1915 by Professor Paul Langevin in France.

Now there is a report from University of Alberta which says that Robert Boyle is the one who actually came up with the first working model of sonar by 1917, beating out the other groups. He is being ignored by history.

Here is the photo of Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle

Sonar, whoever has invented it from 1822 to 1917, is going to remain forever.

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