10 Reasons Why Seafarers become Smokers and Alcoholics

by OldSailor on February 18, 2008


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An article in the Japanese Journal of Marine Medicine reports about a survey conducted on the life-style of fishermen in relation to smoking habits and drinking habits. The survey found that

  • about 60% of seamen in passenger ship have regular drinking tendencies and 56.8% smoke.
  • Rating members under age 44 smoke more heavily than other age groups.
  • males had a higher tendency to be smokers.

Another report finds that Danish seafarers, especially men, face an increased overall cancer risk, in particular a risk for lung cancer and other tobacco associated cancers. One more report confirms that female seafarers adopt the high risk lifestyle of male seafarers.

This post brings out the reasons Why Seafarers become Smokers and Alcoholics ? This post in no way justifies smoking and drinking.

1.Relieves stress


The job of a seafarer is tough and as a means of relieving stress, prefers to smoke and drink.

2.Increases concentration


To remain safe at sea, a seafarer has to concentrate at his work and he believes smoking increases his concentration in his work.

3.Helps to remain awake during night watches


Smoking helps to remain awake. Here are some tips to stay alert on watch.

4.Overcomes loneliness


A seafarer most of the time remain away from his family. Seafarer smokes and drinks to overcome loneliness.

5.Keeps you warm


At sea during winter, smoking and drinking help to remain warm.

6.Projects a macho image


Seafarer thinks smoking and drinking gives strength,confidence and boldness.

7.Helps to remain active

physical fitness

Seafarer finds smoking and drinking act as stimulus to remain active.

8.Helps to mix up in society


Seafarer considers smoking and drinking help to mix up in the society.

9.Helps to remain as a good team mate


Only team work makes a successful seafarer. Smoking and drinking help to remove any barriers within the team.

10.Happy living


By and large, seafarer remains happy by smoking and drinking.

The above reasons do not justify smoking and drinking.

Warning: Smoking and drinking is injurious to health.

no smoking no drinking

Click here to know 10 good reasons to stop smoking.

Click here to know how to stop drinking.

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