India Prepares to Launch Submarine Launched Missile

by OldSailor on February 16, 2008



India so far has demonstrated successfully Surface launch of Prithvi, Agni and Akash missiles. Expertise to launch missiles from underwater and air is yet to be developed. At present India is not having a submarine capable of launching missiles from under water. But the Sagarika missile (being developed in both cruise missile and ballistic missile versions) is ready for underwater launching.

Now India has decided to launch Sagarika missile from a specially designed underwater platform at a depth of 50 metres, 8 kilometres off the coast. The launch is expected to take place before month end.

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Update:February 18

India is prepared for the launch anytime. Click here for the latest information.

Update:February 26

Sagarika is expected to be launched today. Click here for more details.

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