Fusion Fuel Accountability and Management System for Ships

by OldSailor on February 11, 2008



Due to increasing fuel costs, it is necessary for all shipping companies to understand and manage the fuel usage of their entire fleet to control operating costs.

Here is Fusion Fuel Accountability and Management System which can accurately measure, record, report and display the fuel consumption and fuel efficiency of ship’s main engines and generators. The System can be configured to suit diesel or diesel electric propulsion ships including ships using fixed or controllable pitch propellers.

The system is capable of:

  • improving fuel efficiency
  • reducing fuel costs
  • accurately measuring the effectiveness of fuel savings strategies
  • improving engine maintenance planning
  • reducing vessel down time
  • compiling air emissions statistics (air mass and fuel mass flows)
  • generating ISO 14001 records

The system can measure any type of marine fuel, including distillate fuels and residual fuels. It automatically compensates for varying fuel temperatures, producing highly accurate measurement of fuel consumption and engine efficiency.

Different processes of Fusion Fuel Accountability and Management System

fuel management process

Fusion Fuel Accountability and Management System

Fusion Fuel Management System

The system uses

  • Flow Meters: which are temperature compensated,suitable for all marine distillate and residual fuel types with flow measurement range from 12 G/hr to 1,500 G/hr. These flow meters give electrical signals regarding fuel consumption of the engines to Data Acquisition Unit through water tight Junction Boxes (JB)
  • Data Acquisition Unit (DAU): wheelhouse mounted that processes the data coming from flow meters and displays real-time fuel consumption and engine efficiency. Data can be digitally transmitted to central server for use by Fleet Manager Software.
  • Fleet Manager Software: A shore based terminal using this software receives data from DAU’s installed in the fleet through satellite communication. The software further processes the data and generates graphs and reports regarding fuel consumption and engine efficiency of single or multiple vessels of the fleet.

The system is suitable for ships having not more than two propulsion and two generator engines.

Click here to know more about the system.

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