Seafarers and Chinese New Year of Rat

by OldSailor on February 7, 2008


chinese new year rat chinese new year of rat

Google welcomes Chinese New Year in their unique style. Chinese Lunar New Year is starting today, February 07 and is the Year of the Rat. Chinese Lunar Calender is based on phases of moon. The New Year starts somewhere between end January and early February.

As part of New Year celebrations, a South American Rat Fish joins Shanghai Ocean Aquarium.

Seafarers view the rats in a different way.

Rats in the ships:

  • In the airconditioned spaces of the ships, false ceilings are provided. Above the false ceilings lot of electrical cables that interconnect different equipments are laid. Most of the electrical equipment malfunctions are due to electrical cable cut by the rats.
  • Rats cause many diseases through urine, droppings, or saliva.
  • Hence, derating is routinely carried out in ships.

Rat menace in Islands due to shipwrecks:

Click here to know how to keep ships rat free.

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