No Clear Picture on How Undersea Internet Cables Were Cut

by OldSailor on February 5, 2008


When undersea internet cables were cut, off the northern coast of Egypt on January 30, the internet service slowed down and even got disrupted in some countries.

internet cable damage

Image Source:hindu

It was believed that some ship was responsible for causing the damage. Now when the third undersea cable was cut near Dubai on February 1, different reasons are emerging which are disturbing to read.

Can there be any other reasons for the damage:

  • was there any undersea earthquake, volcanic eruptions or any other natural calamity in that area ?
  • was there any naval ships or submarines doing underwater exercises in that area ?
  • was it due to bad quality of the cables ?
  • was it due to improper laying of cables ?

Clear picture would emerge only when the repair ship reach that area and physically inspect the cables.

Update: April 07

Dubai Port Trust Authorities have impounded two ships, MV Hounslow and MT Ann suspected to be responsible for cable cuts in Dubai. Click here to read more.

Update: April 10

View video animation on cable fault finding and repairs at Digital Inspiration.

Here view a video clip on how undersea cables are laid

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